Review 3112

So I click on through to Jalapeno Burns, which in case you hadn’t already guessed is the name of the weblog I’m about to begin talking about, and the first thought that struggles to the surface of my partially-functional brain is “wow, cartooney.” My spell-checker complains immediately about the word cartooney, but I say “Damn the spellchecker!”

The author’s name is Jesse Gersten, and he writes funny things, so I am immediately jealous and defensive and determined to give him a lousy review. I read some of the first posts, which are in September 2004, and some of his recent ones, and the next thing I notice is Mr Gersten writes about stuff that happens in his own life. This makes me feel all superior and cheerful because I hate personal weblogs with a vengeance and should have no problem at all giving him the big thumbs-down. Then I notice that he writes gooder than me, and is funnier, and he has this clever “a very random blog excerpt” on each post, and draws neat little cartoons to go along with the stories, and now I’m really starting to get jealous but what can you do? He’s damn near perfect, curse him.

Ok, it’s all about him, and I hate that, but it is funny, and it works, dammit. And then I’m reading some more and I can see that he also does some humorous commentary on stories in the news, so it is not just about him, which doesn’t improve my mood any.

The design is cartoonish, as previously mentioned, and bright and suits the tone of the content admirably. The weblog is powered by WordPress.

Mr Gersten also includes a funny biography and a cartoon gallery, and these are pretty good, if you like that kind of thing, and are not looking for an excuse to say bad things about him.

Yeah, so, I am totally dejected at this point, having failed utterly to find any fault with Jalapeno Burns. It’s funny. It has cartoons. It’s worth a read, or two.NULL