Review 3054

The Sixth Tool is a blog written by an anonymous baseball scout in the US whose job it is to scout out young talent that will one day make it big-time! According to the author “Cutter”, the weblog was only created as way to get some issues off his chest as recommended by a sports psychologist!

As a refreshing change from the norm, this site uses a custom layout which features a baseball pitch as it’s logo and a nice colour scheme of a gray background, green text and lilac links. I think it works very well and it makes this blog very easy to read!

The posts, I found, were very entertaining to read as the author presents his “rolling commentary that takes you on the road from city to city in a high stakes search for talent that will one day make it to the Big Show.” His most recent post was about attending a game to watch an unknown player, a player he wanted all to himself. However, he would have to sit right in the area of two rival scouts who were intending on watching a totally different player but on the sight of the authors radar gun and after catching a glimpse of the prospects pitch, they literally were falling over themselves trying to get out into the parking lot so they could get their own radar guns! As the author says, gone are the days when top talent goes unnoticed until draft day!

While not being a fan of baseball, I found this blog to be highly entertaining and I appreciated the fact that it’s from a unique perspective that we rarely get to see in any sport for that matter! The blog manages to effectively get across the highs and lows of scouting in an addictive writing style that will leave a smile on your face! I can safely say that this is one of the best sports related blogs that I have ever come across and even if you’re not interested in baseball, I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it!