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Dutch Bennet Novel Series – Space Law made me wonder if this was going to be one of those blogs that is really just a break down of a novel. Especially since the author decided that his blog should be in the entertainment category. I couldn’t get this thought out of my head, so with that I went to read the blog.

The first thing I noticed was that I was looking at a blogger template. Your standard black background, white text, two-column, profile on the right, massive intro header atop the page template. While this template is a nice one (in all 31 flavors), it is clear to me how over used it is now. The profile section quickly drew my attention and I was told that this is the blog of Aaron Theil, author of The Dutch Bennet Novel Series. Again my fear of this blog actually being a novel came back, but I decided to finish reading the blog.

It turns out this is not a novel masquerading as a blog. It really is a blog. The author posts things just like a blog. Recently it is has been about promoting his book and where he will be for book signings, but the gems lie in his space posts. These posts brought me back to my childhood memories of wanting to be an astronaut.

The blog itself to me seems a bit scattered. Sure most everyday blogs do, but I would think that Aaron would have set out for a purpose with his blog. The goal of his blog is not clear at all. His topics of postings range from stuff about his books, to space information, to reviews of other books. Sure it is all intertwined into his passion of writing, but the blog doesn’t seem to be going in any particular direction and is instead just spinning the tires in hopes of catching some traction.

Personally the posts about space travel are interesting enough for me to come back and visit for. The rest of the blog I personally don’t find all that interesting. A blog of this nature needs to go some where. It needs to take me on a journey of sorts, but this one didn’t do that. I know that once Aaron figures out what exactly he wants to do with his blog, it will become quiet good. I hope that in six to nine months Aaron will come back and have us re-review his site to see the progress he has made.

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