Review 3032

To find out what this site was all about, I didn’t have to look far! Not only does the URL give it away but on the front page we are greeted to the message “This is a cell phone reviews site with the latest reviews on the most popular cell phones”. I like these kind of sites, the ones that tell you what they’re all about to save you digging! The site was completely devoid of any info about the author who just goes by the name of “Admin”.

The layout is nice and simple and there doesn’t appear to be any bugs apart from the Google Search Engine box being slightly larger then the other boxes in the navigation bar. Ad’s do seem to be a small problem in my opinion though as I counted no less than 20 Ad’s on the first page! If you’re someone who visits blogs as a break from being barraged by ad’s on more mainstream sites then you probably won’t appreciate the ad’s!

With my attention now focused on the content, I realised that his style is to read reviews on other sites and then make his own comment about it in the blog which is a lot easier (and cheaper!) than buying every phone to test them! His content is extremely informative and to the point which is a requirement for a review site! He gets his news from a variety of different sites as well and adds his own opinion to the latest announcements which makes the visit an entirely different experience then visiting one of his sources!

Overall, this site does exactly as it states it would! It offers reviews of all the latest phones and industry news and when the time comes to replace my “building block” of a phone, I will almost certainly check out this site before buying!

To conclude my review, I’ll focus on the key areas of the blog. First the layout is nice and simple and it works well with the theme of the site. The content is relevant to the blog so you know that by visiting the site your only going to get what you came for. One thing that does bring down my opinion of this site is the amount of ad’s although if these were downscaled then the site could easily score a 4.5 or maybe even more!