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The first thing that caught me with this site was the name: The Church of Dysfunction. I expected this site to be a bit funny and a bit out there. I got that and a lot more.

When the site first loads I get a picture of Cartman holding a bible and a man in a standard uniform one would expect of a priest or man of the church to wear. It also says “Babblings of a Clerical Collar Wearin’, Pentecostal Helpdesk Technician.” which gives me a little bit more into the mind of the author.

After reading the site I almost wanted to classify this blog as a political blog. More like a politically incorrect blog. The author takes a situation that is going on in the world and puts a big “offensive” spin on it. While this was somewhat funny at first, it got old very quick. Each post read the same to me even though the topic changed. This was not good.

One thing I wish I saw more of was what I expected. Funny posts about the church and helpdesk stuff. Instead I was forced to read overly exaggerated humor on serious situations.

I gave this site just under an average rating because the site is well done. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it per se, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Maybe adding an about page to explain the goal of the site since the tagline clearly does not do it justice. So while this site wasn’t for me, try it out and see if it is for you.
The Church of Dysfunction

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