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A site submitted as a ‘creative writing’ blog? A first for me. The subtitle of “Alleged Gravitas” is ‘Poems, Essays and General Drivel’ which comes no where near summing up the site. The site grabs you all at once and implores that you read on and read more. The standard blogger template (with black background and white type) is perfect for this blog of understated words and stories that hook you like some sort of fly fishing lure.

Paul McDonald of Louisville, Kentucky writes this blog, but only for a short time it seems. He does have his own web site, but blogging is new for him. He is a local commentator on NPR, and his first post appears to be from mid-December 2004. It is entitled The Revolution will not be televised and is a poem that he obviously felt compelled to post on a blog. My dislike of poetry is infamous among friends, but I so enjoyed reading this pop-culture filled poem–probably the first poem I’ve read all the way through in years.

I would give this blog a perfect score of 5 had it been a bit older and given me more to rave about. As it stands now, this young blog is very high up in my list of great blogs.Alleged Gravitas

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