Review 3098

I just loved the title of this blog. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the name definitely hooked me. The first entry I read made my mouth water. Things were looking up.

The blog is about the daily life of a “Brit in Malaysia”. His entries are self-proclaimed “inane ramblings” that I’m sure everyone will find interesting. The author, ShaolinTiger, is a 20-something geek living in Malaysia working in Computer Security. He says that he is a “professional penetrator. His entries are very entertaining, witty and smart. He talks not only about the controversies involving his current home but also about the random light-hearted topics we all enjoy. He sprinkles a lot of pictures here and there which makes his website quite an eye-candy, in my opinion, anyway.

The layout is the generic one. Colors here and there, links on the side, archives underneath… the usual. However, this site does have a kick-ass banner. It’s red and white and really cool.

Overall, I suggest to everyone to give it a visit. The entries are very interesting and, I have to say, quite gripping. Learn about the most recent news concerning our author’s world and his takes on them. It’s really not a wasted visit.NULL