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Brain Bubbles is an almost daily web journal about a travel agent named Valkyrie, who goes by the nickname Van, and her life in Cape Town, South Africa.

I was immediately intrigued to see that this blog is from South Africa and because of its locale I expected it to be somewhat political, however, it isn’t.

Her posts are personal and like her blog’s title suggests, they are little “brain bubbles” about the things that are going on in her life and her observations.

Recent posts include a heart-wrenching paragraph about her kitty having cat aids and needing to be put to sleep. There are also photos of exotic spa resorts that she is dreaming about visiting one day.

A post from the week before, entitled “Joy and Rapture” reveals that Van just found out that she is 3 weeks pregnant, which should provide interesting fodder for future posts as she goes through the process of having a baby for the first time.

Having never been to South Africa myself, it would have been nice if her posts included some more information and anecdotes about Cape Town life.

Visually the blog is simple but still has some fun features in the left column, including a countdown to her birthday, a world map, weather stats and a Google search bar.

Overall Van’s Brain Bubbles are interesting, short and to the point. Her writing provides insight into her daily life with a unique voice that should entice visitors into reading more than just one post.Brain Bubbles

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