Review 2906 I found quite entertaining. It could be the British humour that reminds me of our home grown quips, or it could just be that some of his entry’s made my lips twitch.

The blog itself is a simple blogspot template, the colours are ones that compliment the blog yet give it a bit of splash. I will admit though, I didn’t go into this blog with a pre-conceived idea of what to expect, because from the name, you just can’t get an idea. What you do come across are pictures, of various things that look lovely as well as little story’s to give them a bit of personality. I like that.

Mark does write well, I’ll give him that much. He’s also very engaging with the reader, there doesn’t seem to be any written error’s, the links along the side of his blog work, the links on his website work as well.

I’d say that Mark’s site is well worth a peek-a-boo at, which is why I’ve given it a 4, it’s well written, it’s amusing & engaging and with lovely pictures to boot! So go check it out, if anything, you might end up with twitching lips like myself!

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