Review 3033

When I first got to this blog, I was afraid it wouldn’t be in English (the title didn’t quite sound English to me). How glad I was that it is, indeed, in English and therefore I can review it.

This is the blog of Shirin Adl, who lives in Oxford, England. She used to live in Iran, as we learn from her profile, and she is married to a man she refers to as being beautiful. The writing in the blog is slightly humorous and shows a bit of a personal side of Shirin that you might not have guessed if you just saw her on the street.

There are entries ranging from those about condoms (the most recent), humorous quotes from people Shirin knows (a few posts down), Write Club (where people participate in each writing part of a story; Shirin supplies us with the rules as well as the story), and even about Shirin’s comic (the last two posts on the first page). They’re interesting enough to keep you reading throughout the whole thing, but not quite interesting enough to make you want to pass along the word.

The design for this blog is the plain Minima template for Blogger, probably the most popular one there is. I’ve been trying not to judge Blogger blogs as harshly as I’d like to, but when you see so many of them that are exactly the same, it gets hard not to. At least people could get a unique template for the blog so it’s not as similar to the other Blogger blogs out there. But… enough about the template.

There aren’t really any extras on this blog, unless you count the links (which don’t count!). This isn’t bad… in fact, the simpler blogs are sometimes better when it comes down to it. I’ve got to give her points for not having the urge to put every single thing into the layout.

All in all, there’s nothing bad about this blog, but there isn’t anything remarkable about it either. There were some parts that captivated me and other parts that weren’t all too great (and I’m not just talking about the template here), but most of the blog was pretty average. Therefore, I must give this blog a 3. It’s not far off from being a great blog, it’s just not quite there yet.NULL