Review 2947

When I first came across this Journal/site a couple of months ago I thought it was too personal to be a weblog. Since then I have changed my outlook of this site after reading through.

This weblog is about a tragedy that happened in the author’s family and how it has made a great impact in her life and in the community near her place. I am not getting into any details here about it here. However, to many people this weblog/journal has become a place where one can share similar experiences. The amount of emotional support shared between many of the readers and author is quite fascinating. Some of the posts look very researched and with documents to support both sides of any argument.

The design is very good. It has been designed professionally with great taste and has subtle inference to what the site it is about. Hence, the design suits the journal quite perfectly.

In short, this is a well written and well designed site. As a blog/journal it is updated frequently and well maintained.2 With Spirit

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