Review 2985

The very first or rather the latest post I read on the weblog caught my attention. I thought the post was funny and continued reading through the other posts. My efforts were definitely not wasted.

The weblog is mostly about funny situations, funny anecdotes or just things found funny. You can also find some posts more of a personal nature which you can still find funny. The humor in the posts are inherent in the writing style. So you will find even the mundane posts interesting and worth reading through. The writing is not confined to any particular topic but encompasses a variety of topics.

The design of the site is good. It is well designed with few irregularities. The links and other imbedded scripts are on one side and are pretty organized. There’s even a tagboard where one can leave messages.

This is one site I am going to give full marks for ingenuity and wit and of course keeping the reader interested. If you are looking for something funny to read to start the day, or during the day or to end the day, this is definitely one site for you.NULL