Review 3053

When I first arrived at this blog, I was slightly confused. The first post is in Swedish… the rest of the posts on the page are in English, but the fact that the first one wasn’t caught me off guard and started the review off on a bad foot.

We get to the second post, since I lack the ability to read the first, and it’s skewed over to the right so I have to scroll to read it. This could by chance be just my browser and resolution (since I’m in Opera, which isn’t a commonly used browser, and I don’t have my resolution set at what most people do), but it made it slightly irritating. Then he starts the entry by telling us what he’s going to be blogging about in that entry. Bad… don’t start with summaries.

The design isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. The entries aren’t lined up at all, and there are three separate instances of Google ads. There’s a floating-like banner ad at the top of the page, part of which is covered by Google ads and another part is covering up what I’m assuming is the navigation.

There are way too many extras on this blog, too. There’s no reason to have clusters of 80×15 banners mixed in with links (that’s right… clusters. Not groups; random clusters at the bottom of the page…) Along with the Google ads and various javascript links, this blog is way too busy.

In conclusion, I really wanted to like this blog, since it seems I’ve been really harsh on blogs lately (many low scores coming out, it seems), but I just couldn’t. I may be being too nice by giving this blog a 1 out of 5.NULL