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The Blondelibrarian blog is written by Renee, an American living in Germany. After searching the archives by category, it is still a little sketchy as to whether or not she is a librarian but I did confirm that she was in fact blonde.

Renee updates quite often and the posts are very descriptive, well written and detailed. She has a unique way of looking at things which comes across in her blog as she somehow manages to write about ordinary events such as the demise of the cat’s toy mouse (RIP) and make it interesting and funny. She writes about a wide range of topics, such as reviews on books she reads, living in Germany, and ‘cat blogging’ just to name a few.

The layout of the blog was an easy to navigate two column layout with the blog and a sidebar with archives, navigation and blogroll. The design had a nice header graphic featuring a blonde of course. The background color of the blog was black and the font was purple, an ‘interesting’ combination. While you could read the font on the blog page, on the sidebar, where the font was smaller, it was harder to read.

What I like most about this blog was the well written blog entries. What I liked the least was the choice of background and colors. That might be a personal thing though, so I’ll also say that the navigation section could be better organized. I had to read and reread it a few times before I figured out that the links to other parts of the blog were under the about me section.

Overall, I liked this blog, but I thought that the blog needs to be redesigned to make the entries stand out more.Culture Shock and the blondelibrarian

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