Review 2905

Barbed wire love. I thought, yes, here we go, something that is going to throw curve balls at me in regards to love in this day and age, barbed wire included. What you do actually get is a plain white blog, with a picture of house roofs at the top and a little blurb in regards to the blog, here’s the first few lines: “Had a book sitting around… needed a kick up the backside to finish it…”

I believe the author is trying to write a book. The blog is so brand spanking new that it’s only got 2 entry’s on it. Which made it easy to read, but a bit lacking in content in regards to the story.

I found the story, as little as there was of it, a bit engaging, a bit humorous and a bit dragging on. I’m sure this is still at draft stage, considering that it’s not even a chapter yet. I just hope that the author is going to engage a bit more. There just doesn’t seem to be any direction to the story as yet.

But then again, in the first chapter of quite a lot of books you don’t get much direction. I hope that the author finds the direction that is going to capture readers, because at the moment there isn’t enough there to capture the imagination.

The score of 2.5 was for the fact that there just wasn’t enough development there to give incentive to a reader to come back. It’s way to early to tell the story as yet.

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