Review 2876

!! omg blog!! Yes that is a great title for this blog. I was expecting shock and funny when I read the title and that is what I got. Nothing wrong with getting what you expect.

So the site opens up to a black background, white text, blue links, and pink separators. It looks like a template that has been modified, but I am not sure. Either way (template or not) it works for this site. Simple, easy, and clean are the words to describe this design.

The blog is funny. The author has definitely honed in on how to present material. He is funny and sarcastic, but not over the top. I recommend reading this blog from the first post to the most recent as the writing and wit get better as he blogs.

No topic is safe from his writing. He blogs about Howard Dean, the election, parties, even the death of the famous groundhog named Phil. My only downside to this blog is the lack of updates. Some months have quiet a few, but most have about 1 every other day. Maybe it was the fact that I was laughing and enjoying myself that it seemed like not enough.

Over all, this site is a great site. I would add it to your weekly updates, preferably your Monday read list to help make the day go that much better. !! omg blog !! is just that – omg blog!
!! omg blog !!