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I always have a bit of apprehension going to weblogs titled “Inside the Mind of [insert name here],” because it seems that the inside of people’s minds are scary places. But, Cali’s mind isn’t scary at all, in fact, it’s rather upbeat. Cali’s weblog, “Inside the Mind of Cali,” was like reading an inspirational poster. And while some people might think that that it would be annoying, it was actually very refreshing to see someone talking about the brighter things in life…especially when many weblogs have become an outlet for teenage angst.

Cali begins many entries with links to articles of someone overcoming extreme odds in their life, and then reflects on her own life by comparing and contrasting the article. Her writing style reminded me of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I also loved how rhythmic some of her sentences where. For example: “Ever meet someone who is a mirror of yourself? The same background, the same feelings. The same likes and dislikes. Looking at them is like looking into a mirror of yourself a few years back, walking down a path that feels like no one has walked before” is just one example of how Cali’s sentences flow into one another, like a lullaby.

I will admit that at first, I couldn’t believe anyone could be so cheerful all the time! I actually tried to find some flaw, some angst, some despair in her weblog. I checked as many entries as I could, but somewhere in the November archives, I gave up and accepted that Cali tries to see the silver lining of every cloud. It gives her weblog a very diary-esque quality.

My one beef with the whole thing is the weblog’s layout. I found my eyes straining to read the bright blue text against the black background, where some of the text was in bold and some was not. The link color was a bright aqua color and sometimes got lost in all the blue and black on the webpage.

But otherwise, “Inside the Mind of Cali” is a good read, simply because it makes you reflect on your own life and try to find your own silver-lined cloud.Inside the Mind of Cali

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