Review 2981

When I stared my own weblog in 1999, I didn’t know of any people other than complete computer nerds that would actually be in to that type of thing. Now, six years later, everyone has hopped on the blogging train – even businesses. I guess it should have come to no surprise that a weblog like the Commercial Real Estate Loans Blog would have been submitted for review.

For starters, I should preface the rest of this review by saying I have no experience and barely any knowledge when dealing with commercial real estate loans. That being said, I think the majority of folks that might randomly stumble upon this weblog will have the same type of background on the subject matter as I do.

Aesthetically, the site looks just fine. It’s hosted by TypePad, using a generic template that’s available for anyone using this same blogging tool. It was slightly customized using a stock image of a Mark Wahlberg-looking type fella, who I’m sure is related to the Commercial Real Estate Loan business to some degree…

The site has a huge number of convenient add-ons for readers. Plenty of RSS feeds, categorized archives, and other commercial loan publications and resources. There’s a small “About” section, which just gives a brief biographical paragraph about Pacific Security Capital, the parent company behind this weblog.

The different posts are hard to follow for neophytes in the commercial loan business, like me. However, they’re very well written and I’m sure strike a solid chord with those following this line of business. A lot of the posts give information on different panels or presentations that are sponsored by Pacific Security Capital. It doesn’t seem as much like an advertisement for this company, but more like a place to notify those interested in these informative events.

Will I visit this weblog again? It’s very doubtful. Would I visit this weblog again if I was following the commercial loan business and happened to be looking for a loan company with “expertise in real estate capital markets”? Absolutely. This is a weblog that will fit only into one niche, but it does a fine job of doing that.