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“Short Family Web Site – Our Life” is about as generic a name of a blog as you can get. The blog is (as described) about the Short family with Chris posting the majority of the content. It is a very unattractive (white background with blue links and type that is far too large), busy and cluttered (Google ads, some odd menu bar at the top of the page that looks like a pop up ad) template that caused momentary frustration when I first went to the site. How are you expected to find anything with all this stuff going on?

The first post I saw was “Our Life 2004 Year in Review” which was a mish-mash of links to posts written the previous year. Then I began to search the myriad of blue links to find archives or an ‘About Us’ section, which I eventually did find and read through. I think Carri and Chris are in the U.S. Air Force. There are also links to some other non-Short people who obviously have their own blogs and then post to the Short Family blog as well.

If I had one wish for the blogging world it is that blogs would have clear cut explanations as to what they are about and who is putting these opinions out there. This blog is listed as the Short Family blog, but others (not appearing to be Short family members) are posting. Why? Are they in-laws? It’s confusing to say the least.

I did enjoy reading some of Chris’ older posts and felt his pain as he relayed his car break-in(s) and shoulder problems and smiled at the things Santa brought to his kids. It was good to find some personal stuff admidst the sea of blue links and ads. Short Family Web Site – Our Life

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