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Vern Beachy’s Raves is exactly that. Vern raving, or linking to various news/sports/entertainment pictures &/or articles with a few lines from himself every so often. Before getting to the site reading the blog name gave me the impression of finding one person’s raves on whatever may have caught their attention, which is basically what you get set out on a simple blogger template.

Going back through his archives though I had a few troubles. The first archive of July 2004 warps the template and has two columns of posts with no relevant links in the side panel that were on the initial blog page. I don’t know if that’s because blogger doesn’t play nice with firefox or not, but it happened a few times with various archive entry’s. I also think that it might be wise to shrink some of the pictures in the sidebar to a more manageable size as they are outside the actual borders of the sidebar and I just find that a bit messy.

Some of the entry’s in this blog caused me to chuckle, some of them I just bypassed as they didn’t interest me at all. There is such a broad spectrum of articles here that one can skim and choose.

The author doesn’t really share anything of himself, his about page is brief and tells that he’s a “former radio and TV journalist and married…”. I’m not quite sure why this is listed in the personal section. I think it belongs in the news/links section.

Overall I gave this blog a 3.5 because of the problems I encountered whilst trying to get into his archives, the template outages and my own partial interest in the content.

But if you like news clips and sometimes funny finds online, then check this blog out.
Vern Beachy’s Raves

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