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Cali’s blog has a very mystical feel to it. It gave me the impression that I was coming into a personal world, a blog about a person, instead of anything else. Inside the Mind of Cali reflects this and her little blurb in the side panel “Everyone has a ‘catch all’ space where keys, wallets, purses, change, pens and mail are dumped and forgotten about until needed again. This blog is my mental catch all space, a place for me to write down thoughts, impressions, dreams, goals, memories and anything else that comes across my mind until I can connect all the dots and figure out where it goes or what to do with it. Some of it is in bits and pieces and strewn here and there so watch where you step.” tells you what to expect.

The blog is reflective, intrapersonal and very insightful towards the author. There are the usual things you find in personal blog, references to her work life, quizzes, some poems & pictures.

The design of the weblog I find suits the writing style of the author and content of the blog. Because most of the content is personal, involves deep thought processes & experences of the author I find that the dark colour and the image compliment the blog.

I believe that Cali’s blog is something that she writes for herself. Her entry’s show glimses into her mental process. I think that Cali’s blog is hard going at times, but that is only because I do not know her, yet some entry’s I found to be very inspiring & thought provoking. A world of self discovery I believe is a better line for this blog.

Cali’s blog is well presented, well written and worth a read for someone who is looking for a blog that is honest, upfront and meaningful.Inside the Mind of Cali

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