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Cali starts her blog with this, “Everyone has a ‘catch all’ space where keys, wallets, purses, change, pens and mail are dumped and forgotten about until needed again. This blog is my mental catch all space.”

It also catches just about every color and type style and type size under the sun. The blog is done on a black background and the majority of type is light blue. And Aqua. And blue-green. It’s as if one of those html color charts exploded, leaving every blue code on this blog. There is also a butterfly gif that flies all around the blog as you are reading it. If you don’t like cute little flying gifs, then beware.

Cali says she’s 25 and writes in her blog regularly. She pretty much pours her heart and soul into all of her posts. Some posts are poetry, some are snippets of fiction. A lot of her posts are written in the third person, so you are never quite sure if she’s talking about herself or not. And she posts very anime/sci-fi/gothic pictures on her blog regularly (similar to the one at the top of her blog’s main page). I admit, they are not my cup of tea, but they seem to go well with Cali and her blog.

She puts this disclaimer after EVERY POST, “All content is copyrighted by California Stryker © 2004” Goodness gracious, this seems way beyond overkill, doesn’t it? I think a simple disclaimer in the sidebar mentioning the Creative Commons License would suffice. However if she insists on continuing to use this disclaimer (in very LARGE type) after every post, she should please change the year to 2005 at some point.

I would say that this blog is a very personal one to Cali, but it’s so fragmented and doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it personal or fiction? Philosophical or autobiographical? I’d rate it a bit higher if it weren’t for the identity crisis the blog appears to be having.
Inside the Mind of Cali

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