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The blog greets you with the following description: “My name is Jay and I work for a prestigious brokerage firm. This blog is an inside look at what kind of people are managing your money.”

With such a description, I imagined that those “kind of people” would probably make for fun reading. I immediately dived into the oldest archives (dating from May of this year), determined to read the whole blog.

But more than having fun, I found myself shaking my head in confusion and sometimes in utter disbelief.

Right-Brained would rightfully belong in a “black humor” category. It’s full of nasty inside information on the world of brokerage, the language is, if not downright filthy, in the very least rated R and many of the posts deal with individuals that could be taken right out of a Paul Thomas Anderson script (Fassbinder would also do nicely.)

I quickly came to the conclusion that brokerage is a field I don’t really care for. In any case, Jay is a pretty decent author. He can tell a story with the right words (though too many of them happen to be swear words) and tell it well.

The confusing aspect of this blog is the nature of the posts, as not all of them deal with brokerage and the people Jay works with. For instance, I came across a post regarding chickens, another regarding his niece, there’s also a rather sad entry on his dad’s Cancer and a touching reverie on his mother’s death… Perhaps this is due to the fact that Right-Brained is a new blog still looking for its direction, but if this were the case, then Jay should definitely change the blog description to something a little broader.

Regarding design, the template is a standard blogspot template that does nothing for the reader’s aesthetic eye and as is usual with blogger templates, it makes the blog visually stale.

In the end, Right-Brained is the type of blog that has not yet found its substance; is it the world of brokerage or the author’s life in general? I feel it needs a clearer direction and a more appealing template. It could also do with a little less swearing, but this is a very personal opinion.

Objectively and regardless of the fact that it’s not my type of blog and many of the posts I found to be in bad taste, I give it a 2.75 because of the author’s talent for words. Given the right direction, Jay’s writing style could make for a better blog.

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