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The Zero Boss is the ‘Confessions of a Reluctant Father’ of six, so named from one of his daughters who shouted at him : ‘You’re not the boss of me! You’re not the boss of anybody! You’re the zero boss!’ Well the Zero Boss is certainly the boss of his blog.

The author, Jay, a ‘Daddy blogger’ wanted to be a writer since the age of 13 and has accomplished this goal. It becomes evident quickly how much the author enjoys writing and blogging. (1. What is your ‘dream job’, realistic or not.
Blogging for a living.) There is a ton of content on this site in spite of the blog only being around for six months… (A writer who likes to write – go figure).

The joys and sorrows of parenthood are the main focus of this blog. The author shares numerous kernels of humour, wisdom and ‘life’ as a father, husband and of course as the Zero Boss. Entries such as ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’ and the non star trek ‘klingon’, and ‘and the rot in hell award goes to…’ and numerous others show the passion and joy he derives from parenting… (Reluctant or not…) TZB (The Zero Boss) explains various parenting gems such as the necessity of owning a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the holy deliverance of eBay.

TZB tackles a cornucopia of issues such as: fundamentalist agenda of religious bigotry, some political issues, the gay marriage debate, DWI, his vasectomy, home schooling and various issues dealing with mistreated children. On the lighter side there were also entries about Anime, South Park, coffee and various asshats he comes across in the News. Being rather passionate about certain issues, the author also had to deal with some negative posters commenting on his blog… which made for some interesting entries such as ‘…and every man should beat thee’ and ‘file this under “this is jay flipping his shit’.

Of course I found most interesting his entry on blogging: ‘Given what I’ve seen while cruising the Web, that’s not surprising. There’s a lot of dead wood out there. Blogging consistently takes time, patience, and no small degree of talent. Not to mention a high degree of megalomania and self-importance. Did I just write that?’. The blog is very well linked to some interesting sites, with links such as ‘the differences between women and men…in the shower’ or the creepy ‘The Rainbow Plucking Orgy’ there is some bonus entertainment from this blog.

I was wondering if this was going to be a blog only parents could enjoy…with lots of cute inside esoteric parenting humour. But I found the blog quite enjoyable to read which was larger due to the quality of the writing. Jay writes engaging prose regardless what the topic is. I’m sure parents who can relate to TZB will love this blog… For the rest of use non-parental types (such as myself) I think there is plenty of reasons to read this blog as the content is very dynamic.

In spite of being a very bland site visually, the true zest of TZB comes through in its writing which I found intelligent, witty, sometimes confrontation, sometimes touching but always passionate and intriguing. In a few years I’m sure the Zero Boss’ daughter will improve his score well above zero.
The Zero Boss: Confessions of a Reluctant Father

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