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Entering Autumnleaph’s page, I instantly got the impression that this girl has a darker, deeper side. The all black background with purple headers and dividers coupled with the very introverted b/w photo (I’m assuming that this is the author)gave the entire site an eerie feel. Prominently displayed at the top is the headline “I’m only whipped in the bedroom.”

The bio information, although brief, is conveniently located on the left hand side of the page above assorted links and such. She’s a twenty three year old living in Pennsylvania. I began reading the first page and, remarkably, this blog has ended. She has given a link to her new page which I decided I’d visit later after reading her old one.

On the left, there’s a drop down menu of the archive, which dates back to August of 2003. The menu, however, had choices dating back to 1999, though there were no posts at that time, so it took me a minute to locate the beginning.

The writing itself is an interesting mix of introverted thoughts that speak of depression and anxiety to musings on general social experiences: Her boyfriend, sex, friends, etc. As I began reading, I was at first put off by the tone, but I found myself reading this blog for over an hour. And there was plenty to read with postings occurring several times a week, if not everyday. One thing I really liked about the posts is that they’re peppered with well-written poems and I enjoyed this creative outlet of hers.

The writing is very attention holding, and the only thing that stopped me from reading more was the white type, which was placed on top of black or alternating colored backgrounds. This really hurt my eyes after a while and I had to stop.

All in all, Autumnleaph’s blog was a thoroughly interesting read, even though the subjects were dark and introverted. Sadly, she put an end to it. With the last post, she gives a link to her new site and announces that she’s getting married. I visited the new blog briefly and, to my surprise, found a much lighter, easier to read layout. Perhaps with this engagement things are turning around for Autumnleaph. I’ll be checking up regularly to see how she fairs. Autumleaph’s ramblings

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