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“Youngest of One.” (The blog that hardly ever gets comments, no matter how desperatly it tries). Those are the headlines at the top of the page. As for the main blog title, I really can’t figure out how the title “Youngest of One” is connected to the entries.

When I first entered the weblog, my first impression was that it looked like another one of those ordinary templates you see on blogspot, but with a bit more color to spruce it up. That’s when I looked up in the address bar, and saw that it was hosted on “typepad. Judging by the archives, (not the largest amount), I assumed the blog hasn’t been around all that long. That was until I clicked on one of the authors links on the left hand side, and discovered that the author did in fact have a weblog on “Blogspot” at one point. It was merely just switched to “typepad”.

Finally I dug into reading the entries(which most of , were extremly long)and came to realize that the blog was basically about the authors everyday life at school. I read every post (except for maybe 2 or 3), which seemed to be about the authors school classes, school dance/fun night ect. The reason I said Almost every one, is because the author strayed away from the subject of classes for a few of the entries.While the author is talking about his classes, classmates/friends are included in the subject,who I might add have some of the strangest nick names I have ever heard. Names like , cheeseburger, Penguin, Lips, Pies, and those are just to name a few.

In the posts where the author doesn’t talk about classes, he talks about seeing a movie with his dad and playing video games with his friends. But as I said, basically the entire blog focuses on his school classes. I wanted to know a little bit more about the author to see if I could get a good idea of the purpose of the weblog. What I mean is, to find out why someone would write so much about their everyday school life. With that thought in mind, I clicked on the link to his “About Me” page.
What I learned from there was , the author was a 14 year old from “Queens”. He spends a lot of time in front of the television and has an interest in movies.

I wasn’t really sure what rating I was going to give the blog at first. I kept an open mind and started thinking. Here is the opinion I have come up with. The author is 14 years old. Basically there is not much for a 14 year old to write about except for school and school activities. To me, this explained why he has written so much about his classes. He has said in his entries, that he hardly ever goes out.

But judging by the authors entries, he seems to enjoy writing. Like I said, a lot of the posts were extremly long. I am sure that in the future he will have several different interests that he will post about. That is if he decides to keep the blog around. Once again, you have to keep in mind that the author is only 14 years old.

I did check out the links on the left hand side, I also saw that the author has an on-line store, where there are many different items for sale such as housewares, mugs, t shirts ect. I found that link to be an added bonus.

To conclude the review, however, I do have a couple of complaints about the blog. The first one being, on the “About me”, page, there wasn’t very much info to tell me who the author really was., except for his age and where he was from. Also, the title “The youngest of one”, really doesn’t match the entries. As he said in the headlines, (The blog that hardly ever gets comments no matter how desperately it tries.) Maybe the author is just trying too hard . To make it more simple, maybe the author is concetrating more on getting visitors, than he is on writing about different topics. It was not a blog that I really enjoyed reading. It fits more into a “teen ” category. As it stands right now, it is not a blog that I would visit on a daily basis. But it is something a teenager might enjoy.Youngest Of One

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