Review 2683

Cybergrass is not a personal music blog, but rather a cyber magazine devoted to Bluegrass music. In the header we are informed that it has been in existence since 1992. An impressive run for a website in anyone’s book.

The color scheme is pleasing to the eye. However, the three column layout is excessively busy. And add to that a couple of automatically scrolling link boxes on BOTH sidebars…and you have a recipe for eyestrain and headache if you spend much time here. I realize they have a lot of information they want to provide, but in my opinion, standard links to separate pages would be much more user friendly.

I hesitate to list all the categories of information to be found here, but suffice it to say that if you have a question about Bluegrass music and the current events surrounding it, this is your cyber fount of wisdom.

In the center column there is a message board where members can post all manner of information on Bluegrass events all over the
U. S. and the world for that matter. One recent post lets the readers know that a Bluegrass Festival in North Carolina has been canceled because the fairgrounds is under 8 feet of water! This would be valuable information if you were planning to attend.

One has to admire the sheer volume of data provided here, but I think the presentation could be improved dramatically by some common sense de-cluttering.


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