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I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived at Right-Brained. I googled ‘right-brained’ and found it is term referring to a hemisphere of the brain. The right focuses on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity. Alrighty then.

The blog is a simple blogger template, you’ve all seen it before. The author of Right Brained is Jay. He enjoys playing with your money all day working as a broker. He also writes one of the most intriguing blogs I’ve ever read. I felt Right Brained had a strange voyeuristic nature to it like watching one of those reality TV programs complete with a variety of curious characters. Jay shares many stories about his co-workers and people in his life, his successes and failures. All with a matter of fact, simple honestly that I found very readable and appealing. Most of the entries are very entertaining, funny and well written. Stories about Cliff, ‘The Dave’, his family and of course Jasmine.

Which brings me to a major theme in Right-Brained: an unadulterated male’s view on sex, women and relationships. I often found his observations hilarious, such as: ‘I haven’t been laid in months. Not that you care, but damn I’m sick of it. Ladies – you’re soft, warm, smell nice, and have all the right pockets for me to put things in. Damn you.’ Yes guy! Jay is an uber horny guy (porn night three days a week on occasion) and doesn’t mind letting you know about it. The entries are somewhat graphic at times… some people might not find it appealing. (Wusses!) However it is clear that a lot of people do enjoy reading Right Brained. His entry comments are very active and I imagine he has a decent readership.

Jay isn’t all porn and bawdy. Most of the entries have a curious balance to them. Such as the Breck jogging entry in which he chases down the lead runner for several miles and wins then ‘I headed to my truck, climbed behind the steering wheel, and when I was sure nobody could see me I collapsed horizontally onto the front seat and wheezed like the little bitch that I am.’ Ahh yes. Jay always shares the truth.

As he used to say : ‘Yeah. Keep dreaming, Jay.’ I hope he does and continues to tell us all about it, it makes for great reading. Highly recommended for an amusing entertaining read.


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