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Going into this blog, I really wasn’t sure what to expect judging by the title. The first thing I noticed when i entered the blog, was a plain looking template (one of those blogspot templates), but very neatly laid out. It was a two column lay-out, with the posts in the middle and the links etc. on the right hand side.

This time, for some unknown reason to myself, I went straight to the posts instead of looking for an “About Me” section. I read the first entry on the main page, then it was at that point I went looking for some info about the author.

Up in the right hand corner, was an “About Me” section . It gave the Authors name which was “Jay” and that he was from the “United States”.Included was also a small photo of Jay. Below that info , there was a link that said “review my complete profile”. I clicked on the link, and to my disappointment, there was not much more info. So I really wasn’t much more informed than when I started.

In any case, I continued on with the entries. Jay has his blog put in the category of “Humor”. In my opinion, he made the right choice. It is on the personal side as well. But Jay doesn’t get too personal. Every post was well written and no matter what aspect in life he wrote about, you will find a touch of humor. I found several of his posts had me laughing out loud. One of my favorites was the third entry on his main page.

Jay covers several topics in his entries. He has a unique way of telling a story that will bring a smile to your face. But I do have to warn you that some of the entries to be considered somewhat of an adult nature. Some readers will enjoy the blog while others may not. Everyone has their own taste. As for myself, I completely enjoyed reading the entries. I actually found myself wishing there were more of them.

I did like the lay-out of the page. I did have a problem with the text. The text seemed to be stretched out just a bit too much. I had to scroll across the page to actually see the content on the right hand side. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. There was also a broken link on the side panel, which looks like there was supposed to be another photo there. He has a large amount of blog friends etc. linked on the side panel, and judging from the amount of comments he has recieved on several of his posts, he has a large amount of readers.

Jay’s blog has only been around since May 2004. I took the liberty of viewing his web counter, and it is already over 19,000 in such a short time. With a few touch -ups on Jay’s blog, it has the potential in the future to score a rating of 5. But because of the fact it has only been around a few months, and the couple of things that need to be fixed, I am giving it a rating of 3.5.
I certainly enjoyed the entries and it is well worth reading. Right-Brained

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