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This writer, a self proclaimed “Reluctant Father” (recently changed from Unholy Father) of 6 children writes in a light but humorous manner reminiscent to Tom Braden’s book Eight is Enough (of which the TV series was based on). I particularly enjoyed a recent post of his, “IN SEARCH OF PAINTED PONIES” from July 9 of this year. As a mom who has relocated a time or two with small children, I could definitely empathize with this author in his search for that which was left behind.

The earliest entry I found went back to February 2 of this year, but this blogger gives the distinct feeling of someone who has been writing for many years and enjoys doing so. His moniker “The Zero Boss” was bestowed on him by one of his daughters as told in his February 16 entry The Zero Boss. I should note here, while I have enjoyed his entries enormously, I’m not sure how someone without children, or who is single might relate to them. If readers take these entries as entertaining humorous writings comparable to Erma Bombeck, only from a father’s point of view, they should be fine.

This blog is clean appearance with a plain white background and black text with muted colors for the links. The blog is easy on the eyes, with no gimmicks or fancy bells and whistles to distract from the writings of this author. The often disparaged three column set up, of which I have no problems with as it makes navigation easier, (albeit it can tend to make for looooooooooong pages) is set up logically and is user friendly. While I wouldn’t have my children read these entries, I would definitely recommend them to my peers. While this is without a doubt a personal blog, I would classify it more under the humor category. Basing my rating on the entertainment I enjoyed, as well as the style of writing itself, I give this blogger a 3.75.

The Zero Boss: Confessions of a Reluctant Father

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