Review 2650

Random Scatter is a rather appropriate title for the vast majority of weblogs, but none more so than this weblog. The posting consistency is random, and it is scattered, but then that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over-posting when there is very little of interest to say is a far worse crime in my opinion, and no one could accuse this blogger of such a crime. My first impressions on arriving at the site however were less complementary – its yet another generic blogger template, which has been altered so that the design itself has been thrown out at the right hand margin. These are fairly small things in the great scheme of things, and can be easily overlooked if the writing itself it good. With no about me page to indulge in I headed for the archives – always my first port of call when reviewing a weblog. Only I was to find there were none, the heading was there – in the right hand column, but there were no actual archives. So I scanned down to the bottom of the only available page I had to hand and began to read. Quite quickly I realised that the lack of archives was not in error, but was intentionally done. I did find the archives in the end, but only via a little creativity with links!

This blog has been in existence since September 2003 as far as I can see, but the posting is, as the title itself suggests, rather scattered and random. The author clearly only makes an entry when they have something to say – a real attribute. Visitors to “Random Scatter” would do well to look beyond the design and the lack of obvious archive links . This person writes well. Maybe every post didn’t hold my undying attention, but the vast majority did. There are so few posts that it won’t take the reader long, in fact the index page of this blog showcases the blog in its entirety anyway – but what you will find will be written well, be descriptive and , in the main, very interesting to read.

The design as I said is a generic blogger template, one of the old designs it seems as well. Its made worse by a couple of errors which throw the design out at the right hand margin. The colour scheme isn’t particular offensive, and it is readable.

It may be random and scattered, but this is as worthwhile a contribution to the blogosphere as any other weblog I have come across recently. Its largely well written and interesting to read, and what the design lacks in individuality is nicely made up by the personality of its owner shining through in every word. Maybe its not a weblog I would refer to on a daily basis, after all the posting consistency alone wouldn’t warrant such visits, but it is one I would refer to now and again to see what the author has to say. A thoroughly attractive 3.5Random Scatter