Review 2628

When I first entered this blog, I was faced with a very plain, ordinary blog, but very clean in itself. When I enter a blog, I truly appreciate when the author has an “About Me” page to give me a better look at what the author is all about. Or even if the author gives a brief description of the blog. To my disappointment, there were none of those things on this blog.

At this point, I began my journey into reading the entries. It didn’t take a huge amount of time to go through the blog since it hasn’t been around for very long. From what I could gather, the blog was just mainly ramblings about the authors life in general. Entries about her past to the present.

The authors posts gave me a bit of insight on who she was, but I was hoping for more. I did learn that she is a girl who attended boarding school in Putney, Vermont. She talked a lot about things that happened to her while she was attending the school. She writes about her first crush etc. The very first entry upon entering her page, I found to be very interesting. To me it seemed like I was reading about a fairytale romance. There were a few extremely long posts which I enjoyed. But there were also a few one lined posts which just didn’t make sense to me. In a couple of entries, she strayed away from her personal life and talked about the US terrorists.

In conclusion, I believe the author could take this blog a long way if she puts her mind to it. She can tell a story that can peak your interest. The blog is very well written , however there are a few grammar and spelling errors. She has several links on the right side of her page which seem to all be in working order. Because of the grammar and spelling errors, and not to mention the blog is fairly new, I can only give it a rating of 2.5. With a bit of work on the blog, the author does have the potential to receive a higher rating in the future. gripes from the grumpy girl