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First I want to say that I love when people give their opinions and are not afraid to speak their mind. That’s what I got out of reading “Queerly Canadian”. A blog written by Jen who is a lesbian from Canada.

When I first approached her blog, I really didn’t know what to expect. After the page finished loading, I was greeted with your basic, standard blog, but with a touch of color added.But it was A very nice lay-out and very easy to read. Jen has a 2 column page with her entries posted in the center and her links , archives, ect. on the right hand side. She also has an “About Me ” page which I like to see because it tells you a bit more about the author.She has a couple of pics on the right hand side as well.

I started to read her main page, and as I continued to read, I thought to myself, “damn” Jen sounds a lot like me.On her first post on the main page, she was ranting about a woman she had heard/seen on a video who was basically degrading homosexuality.From what I gathered from Jen’s entry, if she doesn’t like an opinion, she will let you know it.She will stand up for what she believes in. As I started digging through her archives, I saw the other side of Jen. She talks about her daughter and the funny things that she says at times for a 5 year old. Those entries brought a smile to my face. On one of her entries , she has a lot of quizzes, which can be really fun.I did notice that she did have a couple of broken links in her archives, but nothing major.

Jen also has a love for music and actually plays guitar. She is a big fan of the “Idigo Girls”. I really enjoyed reading her entries.After you get so far into them, you feel as if you know the real person. If you’ve ever read her entries, you will know what 1 am talking about.

So to sum this all up, I think Jen is a potentially good writer. You can basically understand where she is coming from. Her blog is a good one to visit.Queerly Canadian

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