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I am strangely drawn to the deep orange lettering on the pleasant green background here at Random Scatter. I like that the entries take up most of the width of the page. It’s book-like. No clutter, few links. I settle in for a read.

It says something for this blog that I didn’t feel compelled to find out something about who was writing, as I usually am wont to do. The style of the page is welcoming and calm, so I just started reading.

Random Scatter is a good title for this journal. The author proses about any number of random subjects, from politics to music awards ceremonies on TV and other social issues. I have read other blogs from authors who use their page as a way to clear out the cobwebs before they start the day. This author is of that ilk I think. We don’t get much mention of his personal life, but we do get a lot of his opinion of the state of the political world.

By his own admission, his blog is a collection of “curmudgeonly rants”. I would concur.
He seems to post irregularly as there are large gaps in time between posts. But this is not a problem because of the nature of the entries. Several of the posts are full of criticisms of public figures and the decisions they are making. The criticisms are of stock variety in my opinion and I read nothing novel here. And after about the 10th entry, they began to be a bit predictable. This became even more disappointing to me when I dug into his profile in one of the links provided, and found out that he has an impressive resume’, being a writer for corporations, and has authored two web based, on line novels. From someone with such credentials, I would expect more.

But, I don’t think he takes the blog all that seriously himself, which is cool, it’s HIS blog after all! The following quote describes his outlook:

“What the hey. It’s only a weblog, right? They’re a dime a dozen in the digital age. And it’s a heck of a good way to wake up the brain on a damp June morning… “

As mentioned before, he has a website link that tells us more about himself and works just fine, but the only way I was able to access the Archives was from the information provided on TWR newsboard. This won’t help the regular visitor much.

Overall I was underwhelmed by this weblog. It is like so many others I have read that take pot shots at public figures. Ho Hum. But I did run across a jewel or two. This being one of them: Wednesday , November 05, 2003 “Why a Weblog Anyway?”

It’s a disturbing story, told as a cautionary tale. But it also contains some valid points about getting published. More of this kind of writing, would have made for a much more enjoyable read.

Random Scatter

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