Review 2632

A-manda Dot Net is an easy-going blog that greets you with a picture of the author (she has one of those faces you cannot help but like) and a Moveable Type template which is a simple white design with black fonts and a nice header.

She has the ever-so-appreciated “about” section, which I personally enjoyed. Manda, the author, manages to give you a humorous impression of herself, what her blog is all about and her current life situation. Her passions include letterboxing and geocaching, she lives with “Baldy” her boyfriend and she just strikes you as that really agreeable type of person. The one who always makes you feel at ease.

She has been blogging since January of this year and her posts are well worth a read. Manda describes random situations like her letterboxing trips, her past addiction to the net, her current hair-style and the way some women’s hips sway when they walk. Her style is amusing, her spelling, accurate (even though she wants a spell checker for entries) and her ideas flow freely, managing to lure the reader into wanting more.

I enjoyed this blog. Whatever daily happenings Manda should post of, they’re sure to make for good reading. This blog is a must to all of those wanting a light-hearted, humorous blog to entertain them.
a-manda [dot net]