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The first impression of ‘Fast Eddie’s Bullet’ promises a run ride, from the cartoon Superman to the site’s tagline, which claims that the blog ‘tastes just like it smells’. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I appreciate the author’s sense of humor. So I dug in deeper to see what I could find.

Len, the site’s author, has provided a rather unique and quirky About Me page — rather than the usual introductory text or ‘100 Things’, Len offers personal information in the form of list of answers to various questions. Among other things, he reveals that he’s married, has kids, is afraid of flying, is currently adjusting himself, and can see through clothes. Again, I’m not quite certain what to make of all this, but it did make me smile.

Next, I dug into the archives, which go back nearly a year to July 2003. Many of the early posts are the type of fun I expected, with jokes, cartoons, and stories from Len’s personal life. But there are also entries with things like political commentary, poetry, and talk about current events. It’s an interesting mix of topics, and Len mixes up the styles well — a short post with an external link here, a long story there, and perhaps next an excerpted news story with personal thoughts appended.

I found that the variety in subject matter and writing style generally kept me interested in what Len had to say. There are a few ‘filler’ sort of posts (memes, reprinted jokes and quotes, etc.), but most of ‘Fast Eddie’s Bullet’ is an interesting read with a sense of humor and a unique perspective, at least in my blog-reading experience. (Len is located in Bruxelles, Belgium; I honestly don’t think I’ve run across a Belgian weblog before.)

All in all, I enjoyed my time at this site. It has most of the standard features you’d expect from a MovableType-powered weblog — comments, trackback, archives, and more. Len has also set up extras like a guestbook, photopages, a reading list, and several blogrolls. Even better, he’s made a serious commitment to keeping the content fresh by posting at least once, and often more, every day. ‘Fast Eddie’s Bullet’ has little to do with Eddie, as far as I can tell, or Superman, and I still can’t tell you exactly how it smells, but I think you’ll find something here you like. I give this site 4 out of 5.fasteddiesbullet….

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