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Going by the title, I assumed that this blog would contain one news item everyday or something like that. Well.. first of all it is not updated everyday (not that it is a necessary criterion though) and secondly it is not exactly news that we are talking about here. Perhaps it means news in the author’s life or something.. let’s see…

No ‘About Me’ section, let’s check the archives. There is a dud entry in May 2003 explaining what is RSS. Nothing in June. When you see the July archives it starts to become clear why the blog is so named. There are links and links to news items from well known as well as never before heard sites, of course the links come with the opinion of the author. He has not mentioned as to upon what criteria does he decide which news items to keep. There does not seem to be any specific pattern except for the fact that more than half of the news are Australia-specific or have something to do with Australia. I am not surprised, the author hails from Australia and he is one of the beta-testers for Typepad.(so far that is the only information available about him)

It would be wrong to say the news items are boring or anything as it is a matter of personal taste, but some of them do come out and become something universally familiar. Like this sarcastic take on an African region Gadhafi and it’s mosquito/AIDS problem. Or this one on social responsibility in general, which seems to partly explain why he is running this blog.

It is from October 2003 that the blog starts getting personal shades and the frequency goes down drastically. In the year 2004 there is almost no mention of news, the blog gets even more personal. Not that anything is wrong with that, but it is more like a picture of Glenn’s (that’s his name) life from very very far.

The blog has started to transcend from being a news blog to a personal one but the transition is anything but complete.

As far as design is concerned, the template and colours went well with the news items but it gives too much of an unattached feeling for a personal blog.

Like I said, the blog might turn out to be an interesting one when Glenn is completely into personal mode.. or goes back to news.

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