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Oh, now here’s a blog I saw in the listing and was hoping to get. I love blogs about kids – even though I have no desire to be a mother, I love reading about other peoples’ kids. Musings of Critter’s Mom is one of those blogs that just appeals to me.

Upon first getting into the blog, I did the obligatory visit to the “about me” page and found all about Critter’s mom, also known as Alexia. There’s a long list of stuff on that page (she’s done the 100 Things meme) which has just about everything you wanted to know about a person listed, but I’ll leave that up to you to go and read. Needless to say, it gave me enough insight into who is Critter’s mom to continue reading the blog.

The blog itself is well laid out and functional. The layout is fairly typical of a blog with the normal two column deal; content down one side and interesting linky stuff down the other. It’s very easy on the eyes (and you can’t get easier than a light shade of blue on white). Having said that, it’s kind of plain, but I see Critter’s mom as a no mess, no fuss kind of person, so it does reflect the author in a positive way.

Onto the content. If you’re not a parent and/or you hate kids, then this is probably not the blog for you to read. Critter is a cute kid most of the time going by what I read, and he’s got his mom wrapped around his little finger. Mom writes happily about Critter’s adventures but fortunately for us, the readers, we don’t have to sit through entry upon entry upon entry of Critter bits. She does punctuate the blog with interesting links and tidbits that make for good reading. The entries I found most interesting were those with links (she does an Aortal Site of the Week thing) that lead to another site Critter’s mom had found, and her entries on “word of the day” – even though there’s only two of those. I’d love to see more! And, of course you have to love the entries about cute little Critter himself.

All in all, I’d recommend Critter’s Mom to anyone who wants a bit of light, thoughtful reading based around family life. It’s a pleasure to read.Musings of Critter’s Mom

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