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The thing that struck me when I was reading Colleen’s words in Dreamin & Talkin was the revelation that, geez, she sounds like my mother – and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. She just seems to write how my mother thinks and it was a bit of a revelation to me. I think I am way too philosophical to be a reviewer, but reviewing is fun.

Back to the review!

I was worried with the baby poo browny-yellow background splashed across my screen and was braced for some horrid, blinding design that would instantly send me screaming from the room and begging my own fiance (who is not a member of the review staff, I must add) to do the review for me. Fortunately this was not the case when the blog finally loaded. I say finally because there’s a lot going on in the site all at once – lots of little animated and link graphics, lots of links to outsourced scripts (such as a tag board which are becomming an ever popular replacement to the usual guestbook set-up) and a real-time newslink column as well. All well and good for people on cable/broadband but not so good for us plebs on the dial-up.

I mustn’t forget to mention that there is blog content as well, I’m getting to that shortly.

The layout is pretty much your standard three-column deal (who as any regular TWR reader knows, I put up with but don’t particularly admire) and is very functional and well planned. It’s a mature layout. She’s a mature lady. I think it suits her quite well, and it’s a rare opportunity that I get to say that. Colleen’s also got all the usual links to other favourite reads and the “all about me” personal stuff which is very cool and where we find out all about the writer…

Which brings me to the content of the blog itself. Like I said, she reminds me of my mother, and I get on with my mother most of the time as we share the same opinions – and I found myself nodding along and quietly saying “Yep, I think so too” whilst I read Dreamin & Talkin. It’s a personal blog so she writes personal things, but I found her entries drew me in anyway. There’s not a lot of “I did this, then I did that” sort of writing, which is very cool (a relief, actually) and there’s a lot of reflection – especially in her recent entries as she deals with the sudden death of a colleague. I personally think she gives a great introduction for her blog in her very first entry which really sets the tone for the rest of the blog. Naturally, all the entries are very well written with lots of thought and precision (and good attention to grammar and spelling which always counts, I say!). I highly recommend going through her 100 Things list and the geneology page she has links too.

There is lots to chew through in Dreamin & Talkin (it’s been going since October 2002), far more than a person could do in one sitting, but I did read through some of the archives and all of the entries displayed on the main page. I was very impressed with the blog in its entirety and I’m quite happy to say it well deserves a 4 out of 5. Thanks Colleen, it was lovely getting to know you!Dreamin & Talkin

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