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My initial impression of this site was more of less good. The layout was quite sane for a “Gap Girl Gone Mad”, not that I’m complaining in the slightest. Everything seems to be in its place, although the lack of color proves to be quite a turn-off, in my opinion, suggesting a lack of character or creativity being put into the blog. This was quarried, however, by my immediate attraction to the cute pictures on the side, showing a very cute couple I could only assume was the author and her special someone. Enough analyzing, let’s dig in.

While looking through her blogs (which were very easy to view, I must add), I found that her blogs mainly fell into two categories: Stories of her everyday life and Recipes. I also read (to my relief) that I was correct in thinking that the pictures on the side were of her and her hubby. This site is very general and simply tells of Rebecca’s life as it comes. I would definitely suggest possibly putting some opinion into her writing as well, or maybe talking about what’s going on outside her life, such as in the news or something. I feel like I get to know her life but not her personally. Past that, the writing is very fluid, if not simple at times. Overall, the substance is very fulfilling.

The design is very basic. Nothing particularly jumped out at me as being bad, although the same can be said for good things as well. It’s nice to see that the author spent time constructing the template for this blog, but I think most of the sweet stuff (no pun intended, Rebecca) is her writing.

Amazingly, even though there was only a very brief section under “Bio”, it explained just about everything you needed to know to understand Rebecca’s blogs. At first I was worried I wouldn’t know enough to truly understand her posts but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it would be quite easy to follow along. Other than that, there aren’t many extras to take the attention away from the content, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I think the audience for this blog would be of an older, female stature. The combination of stories about her son, Cody, and recipes to try at home make this a very feminine weblog that I’m sure a woman would enjoy. Teenagers might find it too different from their everyday lives to be greatly interested, and the same can be said for some males. I think this blog will get better as time continues, seeing as how it’s only been alive for three months.

Musings of a Gap Girl Gone Mad

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