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The layout of FastEddiesBullet is certainly original, and the giant superman image not only grabs your attention, but also loads surprisingly fast. I was put off initially by a picture in one of the blog posts not loading, but I reminded myself that ot was hardly a major flaw and continued reading the smooth white on blue text. Named after the author’s poetry experiment, this site has been going strong since last July.

The style of the blog is a mixture of journal and links, politics, personal narrative, and creative snippets. If the links posted seem generic (latest news story or meme,) the patter makes them worthwhile. The author has perfected the art of being funny without trying too hard or taking himself too seriously. You’ve got to love a guy who tries to increase hits to his site with a tongue-in-cheek entry declaring “LADIES WITH NO CLOTHES ON will be on this weblog next week. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR PICTURES OF BOTTOMS AND THINGS…” Oddly enough, he wasn’t exactly lying.

In the section labelled Bloggers’ Bottoms, you can find pictures of (clothed) rear-ends belonging to Zeno’s friends in the blogging community. In my mind, this is true genius. In addition to the blog and the butts, Zeno’s site features a photo gallery of things he has “seen with his very own eyes.” There is also a creative section of the site, but it appears to be incomplete (only one story is there.) I recommend looking at the picture gallery, and, if you’re brave, reading the story (which is of a pretty controversial nature, in fact, Zeno was brave to post it.)

The design of FastEddiesBullet does leave much to be desired. The layout is tri-columned, with the blog being in the farthest left column. I suppose the author thought a site set up this way would be unique, and it is, but the lack of boundaries makes it somewhat confusing. Furthermore, the quality of the fast-loading jpeg explains it’s fast-loading nature, and this is a bit frustrating to look at. I’d recommend a smaller, higher-quality image of the man of steel. I adore the color scheme though, as I do the motif. The tagline “tastes like it smells,” is wonderfully quirky.

FastEddiesBullet is truly a strange weblog. The design is irksome, but the blog itself is often a gemstone mind. It’s appeal rests on the author being just a regular European guy, and being able to laugh at himself in front of all his visitors. The site appears to be quite popular, but lacks the feel of other popular sites. Lovely.

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