Review 2575

The first problem I encounter is the very bland look of the weblog when I click on the link for the url of the site. The second problem I encounter is the fact that there are a totaly of 7 entries, two of them are the same exact thing. It just so happens that these 7 entries are dated back to mid-year last year. Nothing new, nothing recent. The last problem I seem to find on this particular url happens to be the fact that my IE window keeps refreshing itself every 2 seconds because of the webcounter they have added to the page. Extremely frustrating.

In my opinion, there’s so little content that it’s almost not worth writing about. I start to wonder if maybe something is a little off, and I go back to TRW‘s reviewer area and find that the actual url is different than the title. The first url has nothing to do with movies, however the second does. So in actuality there’s two places that appear to need to be reviewed. The first had a handful of entries and the second appears to be about movies. I’m not entirely sure what to review, if I’m meant to review one blogspot blog (the one started last year) or the new one (started in January of this year). Am I allowed to voice my frustration with the new blogspot blogs? With added ad’s and now pop-up’s make for an extremely frustrating blog experience.

If I had to do the review completely based on the actual link that’s provided I’d give the review a 1. Plain and simple. There are a couple of witty quips, but that’s the extent of the content on the first link. The this one was the one meant to be reviewed, then the score might be a little bit better. It seems that the newer link is a movie review blog. The author gives his own opinions on the various movies getting a little bit of buzz in the industry. These reviews are somewhat amusing, but the design of the site takes away from the ability to actually appreciate his humor.

The design is typical of templated blogs. Light blue background, tiny box for navigation in the right, and massive amounts of white with black text. Period. In my opinion this author has a lot more personality than you can see in the design. It’s a shame too.

Considering the frustrations I had when I first began to write this review, I’m grading it a little higher than I originally anticipated, but not by much. The author is witty and somewhat entertaining. It was difficult for me to find the point of entries, because they were sporatic in topic. What would start off as a review for a movie would go into details about something entirely different. The blog has promise, but I probably wouldn’t go back.

My final score is a midway point between the first blog’s score of 1.0 and the new one’s score of about 2.5. Mondo Irlando

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