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I spent quite some time looking at the graphic of the man holding a pint glass. I squinted and turned my head to the side trying desperately to work out who he was. I did not recognise him as a famous personality, and that confused me. I looked away and decided that I liked the boxed layout, liked the fact that everything looked nice and clear and easy to navigate and then, despite all my best efforts, my thoughts wandered back to the question of who Ron was!

I had to know, so I clicked on the About button. I was relieved as I was not meant to recognise Ron. Ron is the web site author, and the name of the site is a tongue in cheek reference to himself. Now I had that sorted, I felt better to carry on looking at this site! There was an assortment of things to check out on this site. The posts are of a varied subject, some technical and some that made me laugh so loudly, like his little girl and her poorly tummy.

The design is simple, which I always like. The only thing that daunted me on the site was the way the archives were presented. They appear in a list of posts made. Whilst this weblog is relatively new, I can see that as time goes on, the list could become very long. However, I liked seeing the titles of the posts, as it meant that I could pick the ones that I thought would appeal to me. I did take notice of the things not to drive my car over, once I had stopped laughing. Ron has a dry sense of humour that I liked.

You can change the site look. The styles box contains a few different designs so you can have a play and see the site in different colours. I liked that! The Old School design does require squinting or glasses though! He has chat logs that you can read about a bizarre encounter that he has made with someone! You can become a member and enter the chat room. There are also other people in Ron’s life that occasionally post, I liked that as you get to know them all, one by one!!

I actually really enjoyed reading some of the posts on this site. Ron’s sense of humour and dry comments had me in stitches at times. It is not often that you can laugh out loud whilst reading. Ron is starting a new job, and I hope that he gets access at work, as I really enjoyed his writing style. I just wish that Ron would post more, as this weblog certainly cheered me up today. I will be making a note of this one and coming back again. Thanks Ron.
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