Review 2603

Well, I was a little skeptical about reviewing this blog at first, but after I went through a lot of the archives, I figured, “hell, why not”. I will review it and be objective about it.

When I first heard the title “The mommy blog”, I assumed that it was going to be a blog all about a lady and parenting.

The first thing I saw upon entering the page was , a photo of a lady at the very top of the page. To the left hand side was a photo of her child. Well at least I figured that’s who it was.Well after reading a few entries on her main page, I was a little confused.
She mostly talked about her job and her co-workers. The couple of times that she mentioned her children, she talked about them “throwing up”. Now i can understand when children are sick. I have children of my own. But I really don’t think too many people would like to hear the details of when they threw up. What I mean by details is, what it looked like ect. Then there were more entries about her job and co-workers. I started asking myself “why in the hell is this called the “mommy blog”.

At that point I started going through her archives. Believe me, she has a lot of them.

It was in her archives that she started to talk more about her children and her husband. My favorite posts were the ones where she talked about the conversations she had with her children, word for word. They were very funny. Kids can say the strangest things and act so grown up for their age.Several of her posts had only one or two lines. A lot of them really didn’t have anything to do with the blogs title. Some of the posts were very confusing. I even went to her “About Me ” link which is located on the left hand side, to see if I could get a little more info on this lady. But there was very little about her.

The best thing I liked about the blog, was the layout and design. It’s a 3 column page (“which I don’t usually care for), which looked good. She had links on both the left and right hand sides, a few photo’s here and there of her children (which are really cute) and of other people. On the right hand side, she even has a “Blog Status” section which i found quite interesting because you don’t see all that many bloggers with those.

To conclude the review, I would just like to say, it would be o.k. to visit from time to time, but I wouldn’t visit on a regular basis.The Mommy Blog

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