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Mondo Irlando is one of those blogs that seems to capture my attention even though I sincerely wish it didn’t. Maybe I’m too easily sucked into things for my own good. Maybe not. Who knows? Enough with the philosophy.

I’ll get the general broo-hah-hah about the aesthetics of the blog out of the way first – it’s boring and the layout doesn’t help break up each post enough to make them very easy to read and whilst it’s the job of a blog reviewer to review the content, I am one of those reviewers who ascribes to the “looks help” type of thinking and that a blog should reflect it’s owner in it’s appearance and compliment the writing. It’s not a very old blog but there are already loads of entries to read and they’re all of a very high caliber when it comes to spelling and grammar (for those of us who think such things are important).

In a word, the blog is intriguing but I think it’s also inflicted with a touch of the blog version of ADD. From one topic to another, it’s an eclectic collection of stuff about movies, weird facts and observations on pop culture. It very, as we Australian’s like to call it, “full on”. You have to be paying complete attention to get the full effect because the moment you relax and get distracted it’ll slap you in the face with something strange like certain comments about spam mail advertising equipment for enlarging certain bits of male anatomy and then a fact of the day – babies are born without knee-caps. They develop between the ages of 2 and 6.


All in all, Aaron (or The Duke as he likes to call himself – in bold and everything), provides an entertaining twist to the normal review sites. He’s got a sense of humor that tickles my fancy, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you are. I found him quite refreshing and pleasant to fumble through, and his current review on The Passion of the Christ is really very good!

Whatever Happened To: Snow, who released the wonderful Informer back in the early nineties. “Informer, bahiddilly didilah didilah didialh heeeeyylo, I lick yo boom boom down.” I’ve often wondered the same thing. Mondo Irlando

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