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Just like the name suggests, this blog is.. well a blog on Brain’s roommate. The idea is quite original, and here is the introduction in his own words:

This is a weblog devoted to the study of my roommate. All names will be changed to protect the weird and eccentric. For this reason, I will refer to my roommate as “James”. Hopefully, by reading this, you will be introduced to the personality and daily habits of a truly odd individual that I have the unique privilege of being assigned to share a 14.5 x 11 ft. cell/dorm room with. At this point, my roommate is unaware of the existence of this blog, which could make things interesting if/when he finds out, so don’t spoil all the fun by telling him. Enjoy!

The idea is very unique and trust me, it rocks. James is a little whacky kind of a guy from what Brain writes about him, especially when it comes to attending the classes, personal hygiene, and living in a civilized manner.

All this makes this blog a really interesting read. Though the blog started just in January, there are entries for almost everyday. And Brain’s got this style of writing some really uninteresting things into unstoppable laughter-producing entries.
Here are a few posts :

12 pieces of duct tape is apparently insufficient to hold Jim’s poster of Disney princesses to the ceiling above his bed. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Jasmine must be heavier than their anorexic forms would imply.

Jimbo always strategically places the blinds every night so that the Sun will shine right across his face in the morning, presumably to wake him up. Despite the fact that it does not wake him up, he continues to do this every night, then moves the blinds back in the afternoon so that there is no glare on his computer screen. It’s like a giant, solar-powered alarm clock. Somehow Jimbo can even sleep through light that blinds me every morning when I wake up. He’s talented.

Despite the fact that the only purpose of existence of Roommate blog is to incessantly track the life of Jimmy, never once do you seem to get bored. As a matter of fact there were more than just a few times when I could not control laughing out really loud while reading this blog. I would not be surprised if Brain was to write a comedy book and it would turn out to be a best seller.

As for the design, the blog has the standard movable type design. Nothing fancy, but with a blog like this design becomes completely irrelevant as long as you can read clearly (which you sure can).

But alas, there seems to be some unwritten law that all good blogs die soon. It so happens, that on March 18 Jimmy discovered the blog, and the last entry is on March 25 when Jimmy ‘vanishes’ while Brain was taking his shower. Maybe he told Brain not to blog about him anymore, maybe he left the college, maybe there was some alien abduction (which Brain feared many times in the past when Jimmy would vanish like this). Even if the blog is not updated anymore, I would recommend everyone to have at least one read of the entire archives. Which, unfortunately, would easily be completed in an hour; partly because the blog is just too interesting and partly due to the size of the entries.
I personally would keep checking the blog in case James might return someday. 🙂


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