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ily ily ily…A plain blue page with large white letters greets you upon entering. The “Hey baby…. phrase at the top, is sort of cryptic. An indecipherable and ambiguous statement, that begs explanation, and I go seeking one.

I start with the About link where I find that he has added it only because of discovering out how much we prefer them here at Weblog Review. He seems to resent the whole exercise. But hey, remember, when you publish on the internet, strangers are going to come to your site. It seems odd to be overly mysterious in such a public place. If you really want to be anonymous, make your diary private. That’s my take on it anyway.

So we find out a little about the author there, but not much of real substance. Some confusing slight of hand (pun intended) references to who he is. It’s like watching a fan dance. The words, reveal and conceal at the same time. And perhaps that’s the way he wants it. Okay fine.

I read on. The entries jump from subject to subject, some giving you the impression that you are walking into a room and joining a conversation already in progress. Disjointed thoughts, sometimes tender, sometimes poignant, sometimes shocking, along with a liberal dose of covert anger fills the posts. There are some fairly explicit conversations of a sexual nature, and frequent references to anorexia.

All these entries add up to the painful details of an unhappy life. An unhappiness that spans so many levels, one is overwhelmed by it. I must admit though, that I found it hard to connect with compassion with the author because of the seeming self-destructiveness that flares so often. These are the words however of an eloquent writer, make no mistake. But the bleakness of the subjects makes for depressing reading, and the raw nature of the emotion revealed here is not for the faint of heart.

There are only a few links on the page, to other weblogs, which seem to work fine. Not much else is going on in this blog but the author’s thoughts, which frankly are intense enough without a bunch of other distractions.

It is difficult to give a rating to this weblog. He submitted it in the creative writing category, and perhaps it succeeds to some extent in that way.

I would not recommend this weblog unless you are interested in reading a lot of details about a desperately confused and painful life. I consider this material adult in nature.

ily ily ily

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