Review 2489

My first impression of this site was positive. I read the title and smiled to myself, even chuckled, at the cute picture and great syntax. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so that’s your first reason for visiting this site. I also realized that, as I expected, this was a book reviewing site. Therefore, I feel honored to be reviewing a reviewing site!

Each review is equipped with the cover of the book being reviewed, which I believe is important if the review interests you and you plan to buy the book. Another neat addition is the rating, complete with little stars and everything! Her reviews are thorough and informative, without giving away too much of the plot. I think it could be very helpful to anyone who likes to read to bookmark this site. I believe this site would be a useful tool in shopping for books because it sorts out the gems from the lemons and everything in between. I think, all though I completely trust her decisions, that she could perhaps have a “Suggestion” link, or something similar, so people could suggest books to her.

The design of her weblog is slightly cluttered on the sides to where you can’t immediately tell what you’re looking at. Once I looked a bit closer, however, I found great information all over the site. Even though her archives were found all the way at the bottom of the blog, I figured that anything she posted would be a review, which she has neatly labeled at the sites’ base. Apart from her very good reviewing, I found that she had links to other sites like hers, which could direct fans of her site to others they might find interesting. I also found on the left side a little information about Book-Mom. After reading the first line of her novel, I immediately decided to purchase it. I can’t wait to see what else is in store from this writer/mom.

The extras in this blog are great. If there is anything even remotely related to books, you’ll find it there. I was impressed to find even products that you can buy to make your reading easier! Now that is true dedication to promoting reading! I am definitely going to bookmark this site and send it to my friends who are as big of bookworms as I am because if there’s anything that’s a reader’s best friend, it’s a list of good books. Despite anything negative I said, I really enjoyed my visit and fully intend to return for more great reviews from the Book-Mom. I was also very happy to see that she had a little line at the top saying, “People, I am so close to being reviewed by! It might be up there now!” Here it is!


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