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‘Japan Window Photo Blog’, sounds interesting. I’ve been to the site, and I constantly return (it’s even linked in my blog!). The template has not changed, it’s still dark with a black background and light gray text. I think it works, as the font is not too big and not too small. It’s not too hard on the eyes as well. The design’s simple and neat. And for many, that is good.

As I read his entries, I began to wonder who the author is. I finally found the ‘About’ link which is placed on the right side bar. The author is not Japanese (at first, I thought he was). He moved to Japan with his Japanese wife and daughter two years ago. His photo blog is mainly about his ongoing attempt to figure out what Japan is all about. Most people will find this interesting as it’s not just photos of sights and sceneries in Japan, but it also focuses on it’s culture and it’s people. In each entry, he further elaborates on what each photo is all about and his thoughts. He also ponders on his personal concerns, like in his March 09 entry, he says:

“I personally get upset thinking about salary jobs in Japanese companies. I’m used to the idea of eight hour work days, regular vacations, overtime as the exception, and just having a life outside of work. But here I see Japanese kids growing up without having their fathers around, and that bothers me.”.
It’s commendable for a foreigner to have such concern for a foreign country. Furthermore, he tells about his personal opinions on different people he sees and takes photographs of them. Either of two girls praying or old women shopping. Some of his expressions may make you laugh, but in reality they’re generally true.

The layout, as I’ve said, is dark. It’s a black background with light gray text and gray links. It’s clear enough to read, and the font size is just right. The banner’s simple yet says a lot as it has many different photos of Japan.

An extra here is the photo gallery. Here you will find the same photos but placed in different categories such as the author’s top 10 favorites, random moments, youth culture, shrines and temples, festival photos and many more. This will make it easier for you to view photos according to your liking.

Japan Window is a great experience, especially if you’re as interested in Japan and it’s culture. The author elaborates well and his photos say a lot. I think what separates his photo blog from the others is the way he takes his pictures. His pictures made me more interested in what Japan has to offer and it made my visit to the site is worthwhile. Japan Window Photo Blog

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