Review 2558

Wow – the first impression on this one was definitely “this one looks promising!”, and it sure is, though in a different way than I hoped.

Let’s start with the easy & superficial things: The author is a delegate to the Republican Party Texas State Convention, that’s about all personal info I found. The blog itself is very well written, easy to read and navigate, and looks quite professional. It has a three-column layout that makes it look a little like a magazine site, and that fits the content quite well.

Now to the content itself: a lot of political and religious stuff, and, frankly spoken, I disagreed with about every single line of the King. Thing is, I am a European, agnostic pacifist, he seems to be a proud American patriot who’s quite religious.

However, considering how well written and researched most posts were, it was easy for me to read his opinions open-minded and interested, although I disagreed. He’s bringing good arguments, and I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy debating with him (having a good beer).

Time to sum it up: a very good blog, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a daily visit of mine during the next weeks. It’s 4.5 instead of 5 just because I didn’t find much information about the host, especially blogs like this should give more info about the background of the author.King of Fools

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